Cartonnages Delsaux

We are in the packaging business for more than 100 years and expert in transforming cardboard into gift boxes, luxury boxes, promotional and selling material. According to archives, our family business started in 1858. Paul Delsaux, founder of the cardboard business in Lille in 1885, passed on his know-how to his son and this continued for 4 generations until today.

In 1924, our company was installed in Mouscron in Belgium. Thanks to the business increase we were able to install the company in august 2009 in the industrial zone of Mouscron, a production site of 5500m², where we imagine, create and manufacture a wide range of products.

Our main goal is to meet our client’s needs and demands, respect his budgetary constraints and specificities of his sector. Our experience and eye for details are at his service, to accompany and advise him in all his projects. Our team works at tailor-made projects and offers solutions to make these projects a success.

Therefore, we handle each step from design to manufacturing. First of all, our research department takes care of the design and offers different possibilities. Our development software and plotters enable us to manufacture unique prototypes at different sizes and to print various settings. This allows the client to imagine precisely what his packaging will be like, the dimensions and visual aspect.