Delsaux, the artist's talent sublimed by industrial efficiency.

In 100 years, Cartonnages Delsaux have acquired quite some expertise transmitted from father to son for 4 generations. Our geographical location, our numerous references and the company's size allow us to be serene and available for each one of our clients.

We are located at the extreme North of the Metropole of Lille, at center of one of Europe's most important crossroads. Our company offers the flexibility of a small business and the management of a large company. The fact that some of our clients are worldwide known brands shows our ability to adapt every time we create a new design.

The future belongs to those who can be creative, experimented, flexible and able to handle an important industrial load and at the same time respect deadlines and delivery lead-times. That's the definition of well-known contemporary management.

Tender, projects, scale models, quotes, orders, production and delivery: each step is a challenge to face worldwide competitors and thanks to you we will be able to show our rigor and uncompromising quality standards which will be the backbone of the added value of your products and services.

Our goal: You will become one of our best references and one of our opinion formers. That is only possible if we exceed your expectations.